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Wedding Sara & Lotta

May 25th was it time for Sara & Lotta to get married. It was held on Skärholmens Gård a little bit outside of Stockholm, Sweden. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony right outside of the reception area and near the beach :D (5h package, 2-7pm)

Wedding Frida & Christian

On May 4th i travled to Smygehuk in Skåne, Sweden. When I got there, I got to capture the wedding between Frida & Christian. A stunning, beautiful, chill and down to earth bride and groom. The love these two got for each other is Incredible. Wish you guys the absolute best :D (8h package, 2-10pm)

Wedding Anna-Karin & Mikael

On May 18th it was time for Anna-Karin and Mikael to get married at the beautiful Balingsholm Herrgård in Stockholm, Sweden. I wish you guys the best. Much love! (6h package, 12-6pm)