About me

Hey friend!

Welcome to my portal. I would like to offer you a brief intro into who I am and what I am currently up to.

My name is Simon Kallin and I’m a 25 year old videographer from Stockholm, Sweden. I am currently living a nomad lifestyle traveling around the world with my video equipment while I meet new people and work on some amazing projects. 

It all started in the summer of 2017 when I got the notice that I could put my apartment up for sale that I had bought almost 2 years earlier pre-construction. Shortly after buying the apartment my interests started to change and I was intrigued by a different type of lifestyle.

I had everything a regular 23 year old could've wanted. I had my own business, my own motorcycle (a custom made Harley Davidson built by yours truly), a brand new car (Mercedes E220d -17 sedan) and a brand new top floor apartment. I was living a good life. But I felt stuck. I was starting to go down a path I no longer wanted. I was eager to bring more adventure into my life and meet more people from all across the world.

The idea to backpack around the world started to sound like the perfect lifestyle. I could travel and work doing what I love; making great video content. Eventually I made the big decision. I sold everything I owned to begin the next chapter of my life. The process wasn’t an easy one, especially selling my condo. I had two buyers drop out last minute which severely altered my plans on both occasions. However, I’m sure glad I stuck with it.

Living out of a 45l carry-on and a 10l small computer bag, I had to convert my lifestyle to minimalism and be able to adapt to any situation. I have slept in dorm rooms with 10 other people and in fancy hotels while shooting videos for high profile clients.

Thus far, my travels have been extremely rewarding. I’ve met a lot of amazing people, seen amazing places, got way out of my comfort zone, dined with rich businessmen, and joined some amazing projects.

In addition to creating video art for influencers and businesses, I have also started my own vlog detailing key aspects of my travels and letting you into my life so you can see what the digital nomad lifestyle is all about.

So join my adventures and see the world through my lens as I showcase humanity in motion.

See you around, 

Simon Kallin

PS. if you want to hire me for a video related project, feel free to hit me up and let’s have a chat!