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Wedding Louise & Kimmo

Amazing wedding at Dalarö Skans in Stockholms archipelago between Louise and Kimmo. A lovely, happy, funny and goofy couple that just loves to be with their friends and do their stuff. Much, much love for you guys :D (whole day package)

Wedding Jonna & Jesper

The wedding video of Jonna and Jesper. Two amazing people that are so relaxed and fun to hangout with. They just wanted to have a fun day with their friends and family :D (whole day package)

Wedding Nicole & Joshua

A beautiful wedding in Bollerup in Skåne, Sweden. The wedding between the Swedish Nicole and the American Joshua. They got married during the Swedish holiday that is called Midsummer. So most of the guests arrived the day before the wedding from USA and Sweden to celebrate the Swedish tradition together. (whole day package)